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    Reduce hiring cost by 1/3
    Use AI and RPA to Improve Recruiter Efficiency
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    Automate Candidate Communication
    Multi-channel AI based Engagement to Reduce Drops
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    Video Interviews
    Asynchronous Video Interview to Improve selection to interview ratio
    Video Interviews
    Improve selection ratio using pre-recorded interviews
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    Manage Remote Employees
    Real time Monitoring, Task Allocation and Detailed Analytics


Candidate Engagement

Keep candidates engeged on multiple communication channels

Multiple Channels

Outbound campaigns in multiple channels to outreach fresh candidates

Your Database

Build your own database driven by powerful search engine

Quantitative Hiring

Make better hiring decisions backed by data

Mobile First

Intelligent Mobile App for recruiters


Easily customisable as per your process


Direct integration with top career portals


Assessments are taken at the time of application for quick TAT

120000 Job Seekers | 250 Recruiters