Case Studies on Big Entrepreneurs – Ritesh Agarwal

Ritesh Agrawal, it is the name behind the startup which is popular as OYO Rooms. It is a startup that provides rooms and books hotels making the process very easy in India. Undoubtedly his

Identify fake jobs

Fake jobs has increased a lot in the last few years, so to check if the job is fake or not we have to check the following things which are as followed:Google about the


For those professionals who work tiring shifts day in day out throughout the week, things can get tiring at times. People might simply lack the time to lead their personal lives independently and inadvertently

Problems on Logarithms

Logarithms is an easy arithmetic tool which can save you from big calculations. It comes handy in various situations. Thus basic knowledge of logarithms proves helpful to you. Some basic problems on logarithms are

How to write an article

Writing a good article requires two things one is good content and the other is good technique. In the information age, writing an article on certain trending issues is no more a difficult task.

Perks Of Punctuality

Being punctual is one of the key to lead one’s life in a organized and systematic manner. When you value the time of others, you create a positive perspective about yourself to others and

Highest paying jobs of future

Job seekers nowadays have to find a job basically in two sectors. One sector deals with those types of jobs which are plenty in number but the salary here may be insufficient. The other includes

How to Boost Your Confidence?

Confidence is the ‘feeling of certainty’ one has when he attempts to do any work, manage people or situations in his day today’s life. There are various connotations of confidence. Familiarity vs Unfamiliarity: When

5 Tips to Help You in Anxiety Relief before an Interview

It is quite natural to be nervous about Job interviews but at times we get very anxious and the entire things take on our nerves. Now it is time you should be a little


How often have we come across someone who is married, earns respectably and is well settled in his life and career-or so it seems until he/she goes into a tandem and starts disassociating him/herself